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Universe by JoJoesArt

This picture immediately caught my eye (no pun intended) while I was scrolling through the popular deviations of the past few days. It stands out from the crowd by contrasting colorless with colorful, light with dark and plain with complex. Its fine precision and detail make the image appear incredibly life-like, while in reality it is far from it.

First I want to comment on the materials used in this artwork. I am very impressed by the excellent use of markers in the piece. You have done an an amazing job of blending the colors in the center, and an even better job of making the shine in the eye appear watery and delicate. I also admire the use of watercolor in the work, as it makes the areas around the eye lids look "washed out".

Second, I want to mention the precision of the work. The lines are very sharp, and you have put a tremendous amount of detail into making edges look crisp and clean. Detail goes as far as ensuring that there is a reflection of the eye lashes in the shine of the eye. Amazing! Careful details like this make the piece look all the very realistic, which I admire since an eye with a rainbow center is obviously very uncommon!

The symbolism of the work is also to be commended. Judging by the quote you have about falling in love in your description, I can see that they range of colors in the center of the eye shows how the many things experienced by people translate to such an extensive range of emotions. The eye is such an expressive organ in the body, which is why I love it as your choice of making it the subject.

This is an incredible piece of work. I love both your traditional art and your digital art. Well done!
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